Thursday, July 11, 2019

I have a new blog address


I have decided to change my blog name to "DEVOTION FOCUS" which can be found at this link...

In the past, whenever I tried reading through the Bible, my brain did not want to cooperate most of the time.  Being the type of person I am, I like to find coping mechanisms to address all of my "quirks"... one of them involving an attention deficit disorder.  Obviously, my best coping mechanism is asking God for wisdom.  From there, God faithfully gives me direction.

I made a valuable discovery quite a few years ago, when I desired to know what the Bible said on a particular topic.  Even though there are many books available on this topic - - - I really only wanted to know what God said about it!!!  So as I was reading through the Bible, start to finish, while taking notes, I realized that I could remain hyper-focused.  Not only did I glean information on my chosen topic, but my brain was absorbing most everything else.

Also notorious for losing notes written on paper and written in notebooks... I was about to start certain topics over again and enter them into a computer document, when I thought - - - hey - - - I should put my devotion notes into this blog!!!  And, because I'm THAT person, I also decided to put most of my condensed notes on the various topics into spreadsheets.

My hope is that these notes bless you and guide you to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Best regards,



  (most current topic will not have a spreadsheet yet)
- PRAYING EFFECTIVELY (in God's will) begins at November 28, 2018

- SPIRITUAL BATTLE (angels & demons)  begins at April 30, 2018

- ESCHATOLOGY (including end times)   begins at September 9, 2017

- JESUS IS GOD (seen thru-out Bible)  begins at February 28, 2017
....(no excel for this topic)