Wednesday, March 1, 2017

JESUS and Man's Fall (Gen.2-3)

I just noticed this!  And I find it interesting!  In Genesis 2, right after verse 3... the name "LORD God" is now used to recap - or rather zone into - the part where man is created.  If you do word studies on all of God's names, it gives us a deeper insight into God and all of His wonderful and powerful attributes.  LORD was translated from the Hebrew text YHWH (probably pronounced "Yahweh"), which has a twofold meaning, the "active, self-existent One", and Israel's "Redeemer".

After the LORD God creates man and woman, He "plants" the Garden of Eden as an immediate food source and a beautiful place for them to work.  Obviously, we get hungry several times a day and they didn't have time to wait for a harvest and orchard to grow and produce!  He knew this!  He created them and then took care of them by giving them the Garden of Eden.

With this, not only does the LORD God provide them with practical things, He also "provides" them with a choice.   He lets man know that they can eat from any tree,  except for one!  Just one!   (Genesis 2:17)  They were not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or they would die (a spiritual death).  Why?  Well think about it:  without a choice, there would not be any free will.

But what do they do???  They took and ate from that one tree, bringing spiritual death to all mankind. After realizing their mistake and that they were naked...

(Genesis 3:8)  They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.

Curious if Adan and Eve got to see and speak often with the manifestation of God???... PERHAPS this is God in human-like-form actually walking in the garden, or it just sounds like He is walking... Whatever this is, we know that God manifests Himself quite a few times in the Old Testament.  But keep in mind, when Jesus appears like this in the Old Testament, He is completely God.  In the New Testament, He at that time is not only 100% God, but also becomes 100% man.  More on that much later.

The point here is that God goes to where mankind is - and gives them the opportunity to make things right.  God does not throw up His hands and leave them to figure it out on their own.  While He lets them know the consequences of their choice (to do things THEIR way and not God's way),  God also delivers the first prophecy of His coming to earth to die for our sins as He speaks to the serpent (really - to Satan)...

        (Genesis 3:15)  "I will put enmity between you and the woman, 
        And between your seed and her seed;
        He shall bruise you on the head,
        And you shall bruise him on the heel.”

Her "seed" refers to her descendants (specifically Israel, because Jesus would come from her seed),  And in the spiritual battle to follow, Satan and his demons would ultimately lose, while ("He") Jesus would suffer but conquer death and be victorious.

Meanwhile, the LORD God, after speaking with Adam and Eve, made clothes from them made of animal skins... leather.  Since sin has entered the world... where there is sin - there is death.  Throughout the O.T., Israelites sacrificed animals to cover their sins (temporarily).  In the N.T., Jesus came to earth to be the once-for-all sacrificial Lamb to pay the price for all sin (eternally).

The LORD God also protected them/us by sending Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and having it securely guarded so that they would not be able to eat from the tree of life, which would have put them and kept them forever in that state of spiritual death.

Mankind had everything perfect, but choosing to eat from that one tree brought about death.  And now we are born into sin (death) and the only thing that will change this death sentence is for mankind to choose the ONE solution that the LORD God provides - "the tree of salvation" - the cross - Jesus' death and resurrection which paid the price for our sins.  Again, Jesus provides!  He cares about our physical needs as well as our main spiritual need - to be saved... to be reconciled in a glorious relationship with God.

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